Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Spray Paint knobs/pulls

I am working on a Hutch, yet to be revealed.  It needed some updated knobs.  My first instinct is to go find some new ones, but since I hoard collect knobs, I went to my stash and pulled these ones out - Perfect!

They just needed to be a different color.

They were originally $6.99.  On clearance for $1.49 - a steal.

I used these supplies to update these knobs:
Rust-O-leum gray spray primer
Rust-O-leum metallic spray paint

I wiped them off with a baby wipe, turned them upside down and primed them. I let them dry for about 10 minutes (it's hot outside)
then turned them over and primed the tops.

The next step is the same, only I used the metallic spray.  I turned them upside down, sprayed them, let them dry.  I turned them over and sprayed the tops with the metallic spray paint.

The fun part is next!

Putting them on the furniture you have painted and giving it that finishing touch!

These knobs cost $12.00 and the spray paint is about $4.00 a can, but I used about $2.00 worth.  I can spray a whole lot more knobs with what is left.

Tip:  If you are changing the knobs to a light color, such as white or pink, etc. use white spray primer.

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