Friday, August 17, 2012

TIP! How to find a replacement screw for your knobs & pulls!

I don't think I have ever bought a piece of furniture to paint that has all the screws for the knobs.

MIA - one missing!

I know not to stress over a missing screw, because: 

#1:  Most are standard size, 8-32, and if it's not it's O.K., I will show you why in a minute, so keep reading.   The length can be different and no problem there either! 

# 2: Lowe's (and other stores) have this handy little gadget thingamabobber on their wall.  So you can take in a screw,

Find what size it is

This one is a standard size, but what about the length?

They also have a measuring gadget

You measure it.  Then go to the wall right by this great gadget and find what you need! or ask a sales associate to help, I do ALL the time. So Thank you Sales Associates - you rock!

There you go - It cost .97 cents for a pack of 4.  Hopefully the next time I am missing one, this one will fit.  If not, I take another trip to Lowe's! (I shop at Lowe's because it is closest to my house)

I have a shower drain that is missing a screw, so I took the one I had in and Voila - it's fixed!

Just curious - Did you know  about this gadget thingamabobber to help you find the size of screw you needed?

(P.S. As I was taking pictures, I gathered a crowd.  I was nervous taking pictures. Then I started talking about what I was doing and the nerves went out the door.  Also, one the sales associates is my son-in-laws Aunt Jill. And the other one was his baseball coach. I also made some new friends, who wanted to paint furniture and didn't dare.  I gave them the pep talk and they are going to try!  I love this world!!!)

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