Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Before & After! And spray paint!

I loved this bed before!
It has such detail,
and rollers for wheels!
A lot of stressing about what color . . .
painting it blue . . .
not loving it . . .
changing my mind, again. . . .
a coat of white . . . .

distressing it to find the blue come through,
loving it!

I should have listened to Erin, she told me to paint it white the first time!

We need a little girl in our family. . .
I don't want to sell this one!

Jay sees me walk outside with a can of spray paint,
and he isn't sure what I am going to paint next.
He thinks everything looks fine, until I am done painting,
and then he likes it.
He got into the spirit of things and look at what he painted!
Ha Ha!
I Love it!
Welcome to our house!


Jen said...

love your new bed! they turned out GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I love how the bed turned out. I can't imagine who painted it gold though (makes me laugh a little). I love the litle bits of blue poking out in the distressing. Great job!

mrso' said...

this is gorgeous! great job!

Holly and Sean said...

I think I would hold on to that one too (this is coming from a lady who has 3 beds for her toddler who sleeps in a crib, so take it with a grain of salt...). I always feel like fate decides on how a piece turns out and I think it worked out best because I love the hint of blue coming through~

Thanks for sharing on our first Fresh Coat Friday! I can't wait to see you next project.