Saturday, July 31, 2010

que c'estbeau

Translation - How Beautiful!

I Love all things FRENCH!

Lake Geneva

Jake served a mission in Geneva Switzerland, and lived in Switzerland and France for 2 years!

We went back to visit the people he had met and see the sites.
We were in Europe for 14 days with him. We would have been lost with out him as our tour guide!
He maneuvered us around the cities and especially the metro!
The best part was hearing him speak French!

The language of Love.

We saw a lot of beautiful things and I became enamored with all things French.

And the French were enamored with Jake, the French Girls, that is!

The people, the style, the fashion, the beautiful stone buildings, the small one way paved streets, carousels in every city center,and especially the decorating!

This was my favorite Bed & Breakfast we stayed in.

Wouldn't this be a great guest room!

I would love to recreate it, and use this furniture.

With a new coat of white paint, of course!

I love the detail and the beautiful legs!

Beautiful lines and detail


How beautiful it would be with,

Crisp white linens

wall paper that is red

flowy curtains!



Jessica said...

I love France. The food, the history and the design! It is all so lovely.


Erin said...

LOVE these 3 pieces!
Someone lucky will snag these!!

katie said...

Love these!!! Let me know how much your selling them You have some serious talent!! I LOVED your mirrors you posted down below. Do you have anymore of those?