Monday, September 20, 2010

Before & After, Turquoise bed & dresser!

I have had quite a few requests on how I painted this bed & dresser!
I promise I will do better!
I primed both pieces with KILZ water base Latex primer, any water base primer will work. I used a brush to put the paint on, and and a foam roller to make it smooth.
I used a sanding block after I primed it, and got the dust off with a big dry brush and then used a tack cloth.
I used the same technique to put the paint on, I used a brush to put the paint on and a foam roller to smooth it out.
You have to do this in small sections and quickly, so it doesn't glob!
After the paint was good & dry, I antiqued it this way,
I distressed the edges and lightly went over all the painted area with the sand block.
Then I wiped on Minwax JACOBEAN Stain, and wiped it off.
The paint color is Color Place brand from Walmart Cozumel Aqua 91402
It is really bright until you put the stain on.
The stain seals and protects it, but on the top of the dresser I used a minwax poly to make it extra durable!
I have a sprayer, but I did this the good old fashion way by hand!
I hope I answered all the questions, if not email me!!!
I am sure I took a before picture but I have looked and looked and I can not find it!
So use your imagination on this one!
You know honey colored oak!
Well, a special young girl is getting this bed and dresser!Look at those posts!

Her mom, Megan says she will take a picture for me.

and she is a photographer and has some mad photography skills!

check her out here:

This dresser is beautiful and probably one of my favorites so far!

A close up!

Another picture, just because!

The weather has been beautiful, and the flowers look better than ever,
just in time to yank them out !
I have two Begonias on either side of my stairs,
and they have grown so big, we can hardly get in the door.
My MIL says they are doing so well, because they like where they are!

There are lots of pretty things in the world,
besides painted furniture!
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