Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before and After Turquoise twin bed

This twin bed was headed to the dumpster. . .
the owner thought it was trash.
I knew better!

upside down before picture. . .
notice what it is leaning against & the knobs on the ground. . .
they belong to the
I have been working on,
way to

A little bit of my favorite paint, could give this bed a new life!

Isn't she cute!

Step 1 - tighten all bolts, and make it sturdy
Step 2 - wipe it off with soap & water - I don't bring anything in the house until I do this -  bed bugs destroyed, ewwww
Step 3 - fill holes with Elmer's wood putty
I use natural
Step 4 - Lightly sand with a sand block
Step 5 - use a dry paint brush to clean out the crevices and then wipe the whole thing with a tack cloth
Step 6- Paint - I turn things upside down and paint the bottom first!
On this I used Color Place Cozumel Flat latex paint from Walmart
Step 7- I go over the whole painted piece with a fine sand block
It cleans off any drips and this is what will give your finished piece a polished smooth finish
Step 8 - slightly distress with sand paper
I used 220 very fine grade,  I cut it into a square and wrapped it around a sand block
Step 9 - repeat step 5
Step 10 - Let dry overnight
The paint will cure and when you put the stain on it, it won't be sticky
Step 11 - Stain- wipe on in small sections and wipe off with a clean ragI used Jacobean minwax
Step 12 - Stand back and enjoy!
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