Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spray painted vase and frames! Before and After

 I have had a crazy busy summer all fun stuff!  We just got back from Girls camp,
150 girls, and about 50 leaders, give and take a few!  I loved it!  Went down the river on a 4 man tube and conked heads every time we hit white water.  Went down  big ole slides at the pool, and bathed in the river, washing our hair in a hot spring that tumbled over a rock.  Slept in a tent for 3 nights and sat around a campfire.  Lots of hard work and too much fun!  Nothing like getting away from cell phones, Internet, and problems of the world to refresh and rejuvenate!

I came home wanting to create, so I pulled some of my treasures out of my stash ~ after my garage sale, I don't have much trash treasure left.  I had a couple of things from the Thrift store that I spent pennies on.  Well, this was $2.00.

 I love the shape, and it has so much potential!
I primed and sprayed and Voila! A new vase for me. . .
 A couple of 75 cent frames. Not so bad before, but. . .
 Better After!

 I  took these flowers from another vase, in another area of my house.  I bought them at Tai Pan.  If you click on Tai Pan, you can get a coupon for 25% off your total purchase until Sat. July 23rd!

The spray paint  is Rust-0leum Painter's touch 2x. The colors are  Satin Stawflower and gloss Berry Pink!

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