Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pink Dresser: Before and After

Here she is!


I really did take pics of the daunting task of removing the stickers.  The pics will show up later, I am sure! 

I used Goof Off 2 and a razor blade!  Surprisingly, this dresser was in perfect shape after the stickers were removed!


Looking pretty good with just primer!  I really wanted to paint it white, but did not have any on hand.

I did have Benjamin Moore Pink Lace though - so she is Pink and Pretty!

No Stickers and smooth as can be!


I love the hardware and especially painted glossy white.

I used a brownish glaze to finish her off.

She has already been bought  for a little girls room

They are picking it up Friday, so that gives me a few days to enjoy it!

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