Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dining Room Chairs:: Before and After

Last year this is what my dining table looked like at Christmas.

I really wanted a change!
As I painted and painted and painted for other people,
I fell in love with turquoise!
So I made a few changes, so I could incorporate the color into my house.
I didn't spend a lot of money because. . .
I will change it up again, I am sure!

A few changes to the wall, a rug and new fabric on the chairs.
The desk under the mirror and picture never really belonged there, but as I wait for pickup on sold items, they have to be put somewhere.  I really miss the pop of color, so I am looking for the perfect piece to paint to really leave there!

I bought the fabric and recovered only one chair. I looked at it for a month before I could commit to doing the other 7.  I finally recovered them all, knowing I could do it again if I hated them. 

They have grown on me!

 Besides decorating the tree, buying gifts, I am reupholstering chairs - I work best under pressure!

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