Friday, December 9, 2011

Before and After: Oak Table and 6 chairs

FYI - I paint furniture and do a few crafts and my #1 post  on this little ole blog is this: 

Tasty Spinach Dip!!!

The recipe is found Here.  Everyone and their dog must have made this for Thanksgiving, and now with all the Christmas parties, this little ole post has gone crazy! It is really really good!

Different Strokes for Different folks!

I have friends who are done with their Christmas shopping.  I have friends who haven't even started, and I am some where in the middle!  We are all so different and that is the beauty of living! 

It is the same in decorating!  Some like vintage, some like modern and  I am somewhere in the middle!  And once again, that is the beauty of living! The world would be so boring if we all liked the same things!

The fun part of painting furniture for people, is seeing the difference style they like!  Some of you will love this table and chairs I painted for a darling girl and some of you will not.


Solid wood oak chairs

Each chair painted a different color!
For a girl who loves color, this was fun!

A Black Pedestal table too!

What is your style . . . .

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