Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Sweet is the Work" 100 Hearts!

I am a wee bit jealous of people who can sing!
I have lot's of friends with beautiful voices and
they freely, generously share their talent all the time.

The one thing I can do is craft, and I was grateful to share
this talent for a Fun Great cause.

held Thursday April 26th

Yes, 100 hearts are cut, embellished, packaged and
ready for some one to stuff and stitch!

The hearts will go to comfort a child who is are the hospital environment (Primary Childrens Hospital) or in the middle of a crisis.

I have a LOVE of felt, so this was an easy project for me - kinda!

I searched  Pinterest  and found this tutorial here:


200 hearts cut

Strips cut

My Iron was my best friend!

The strips were sewn, then clipped, rolled, glued and attached to one side of the heart. I have a few burnt fingers!

TA DA!!!!!

                                          There you go!
Thanks to my daughters who had a huge part in getting these done!

It felt good to contribute!
I hope I can sing in my next life! Ha

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