Monday, July 30, 2012

White desk with stained top: Before and After

So. . . .
I am not a photographer, and I need to be!
I love blogs who have beautiful pictures.
mine are not.

I also find it fun to see how baaad the before pictures are!

For example, this desk.
The before picture is really bad.

But the desk was really bad.

The desk is solid wood, but it had been worn by the weather.

The top of the desk had no stain or varnish left.  I always wanted to do a two tone piece of furniture, but never wanted to do the work of stripping the top.  Well, here you go, it was done for me by the weather!

I love the detail and character this desk had!

Sadly, it was missing a drawer pull. So I moved them around and added a new one.  I had to fill a few holes and drill a new one, but it worked O.K.!

This desk is for my college student son, and at first I was going to paint it black.  I wanted it to be masculine, and I also wanted to stain the top.  So I painted it white, used a black glaze, and sprayed the hardware bronze.

I love love the old hardware!

Simple knob added

purty from the side too.

It is fun to try new things!  I think the two tone gives it a rich look, and it is a little more masculine for a cute boy!

I snapped this silly, awesome, fun picture when Jake was washing the cabin windows, in the early morning.  I said, "Flex" and he did, I hope the desk isn't to girly????

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