Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Turquoise Hutch

A Hutch

A turquoise hutch that was maroon, then black, now Turquoise.

I wanted something to display all my junk treasures, but was functional as well.

This is the 3rd turquoise Hutch I have painted -  I love the color.
Found Here: Hutch number 1 
You think I wouldn't be shocked by how bright the paint is.  Then I put the glaze on and whew it tones it down, I can take my sunglasses off!

I am never sure I am going to like it and then. . .

I start filling up the shelves with my stuff.

I not only love milk white glass, but vintage pitchers and ice cream/fruit bowls, and I almost forgot cake holders. 

I am wondering if this Hutch will be another color in a couple of years? 

My helper, as much as I love painting, I love these little people more.  He gets all the umbrellas and twirls and then lines them up. adorable!

I swear they don't need toys. even though He just had a birthday, and squealed with joy at the presents.

I am sure I will tweak the arrangement of stuff, and maybe even move it to another wall, but for now I am happy it is done.

Would you dare put this color in your house? The color is brighter than in real life - excuse my photo skills.

Paint color -  Color Place cozumel aqua - 91402 (Walmart)
glaze -Valspar Asphaltum - 98278 (Lowes)

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