Friday, September 14, 2012

The latest, greatest frame adventure! An open frame gallery wall!

                   I love Frames, all kinds of frames. . .
Old, new, ornate or plain.  Brass, resin, wood or plastic.
A frame is a frame and all frames are delish!

I have used frames for chalkboards and for chicken wire memo boards.

The latest greatest frame adventure is an open frame gallery wall.
with a couple of mirrors and a few other fun things thrown in!

This project was for my daughter Paige.  So, together we pulled out my frames and got to work.  We lay them out and moved them around and kinda went a little nuts.
Literally nuts! 
There is not right way, or wrong way.
It is just what you like. . .
Too many choices!

So I searched. Oh, I love what we can find out there today!


Not only is there 35 different wall gallery's, there is help on how to!

The painting was the easy part, deciding which frames and how to put them together was not!

Here they are, all dressed up and happy as can be!

To get the frames on the wall, the way they should be, we did the paper thing.  We traced and cut and taped.  It was a great way to make sure it was going to work, and where to place them, before we started putting nails in the wall.

Pottery Barn

One last thing - I am loving these frames from Pottery Barn.  I don't love the price $149.00.

My pink frames $3.50 plus spray paint!

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