Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friend Christmas gifts that don't break the bank!

I love Christmas and the feeling that comes with it.

I want to give and help and share and not break the bank. 

I started these wash cloths in Sept. here.  Ya, you thought I was starting early right?

I started last December, the day after Christmas! I went shopping and found these adorable dish towels.

I loved all the colors in this dish towel and I loved the price - $1.00!

Awe - so many fun colors!

I can not mass produce very well. With all the colors in the dish towel, I could try all different colors of yarn for my first crochet project and not get bored.

I am so glad I started early, or I would never had finished them,
and Ohh, Awe, they are so cute!

I was happy, I had ordered this colored twine.
I wasn't sure what I needed it for, but I knew I
needed it.

What is a dish towel, dish cloth without some Christmas soap from Bath and Body works?

My Christmas friend gift that cost:

dish towel - $1.00
dish cloth - $1.50
hand soap - $2.50

7 have been delivered, and if I don't get out there today, I will have Christmas presents for next year!

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