Thursday, September 22, 2011

Armoire: Before and After

Armoire # 2
I am getting armoired out!
Armoire # 1 Here

 This is a light weight, solid wood, easy to paint and cute!

 After!!!!  I went with the shabby look on this one.  I am conflicted on my style - I like it all!  Eclectic I guess!

I painted it with an off white oops paint, sorry I can't share the exact color. Just off white!

 Sanded it a lot.  And topped it with a valspar antique brown glaze.
Put some new knobs to finish it off nice.

It is a T.V. armoire and I left is as such, just in case I decide to use it for a T.V.  For now it is going to hold  all our blankets. We lack storage in our home, or maybe it is we have to much stuff!  I am trying to get organized!

First blanky in it's new home! 
I am a little bit excited about this armoire!

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