Monday, August 29, 2011

Give Away!

My beautiful sweet 81 yr old Mother-in-law opened an Etsy shop, GeeGeesworld,  At the insistence of her beloved Grandchildren.  They adore her and her creations! Her Etsy shop has the sweetest crocheted animals, hats and doll clothes for sale.

We are going to celebrate her opening with a giveaway for one of my lovely readers!  That is you.

First let's see the giveaway.

An adorable monkey!

Second, let's take a look at some of her other creations.
An owl hat, so cute.

Hand crocheted grey, red, yellow, and blue "owl" hat

3rd, let's meet Gee Gee, seriously a 81, she is the energizer bunny.

She is talented in more ways than I can count,I will tell you she can cook too!
Here is how you can be the happy owner of the Monkey:

 3 chances to win. Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.


Simply leave a comment letting me know that you're a reader and a follower.) Don't forget to leave your email address if you don't have a blog or a profile page! :)

Take a peek around the Images of her Etsy Shop and leave a comment letting me know you did.

For one last chance (only if you want to) spread the love by mentioning this giveaway on your sidebar, at the bottom of a post, on Facebook, etc. Then, just let me know with a comment.

Good luck and I thank you for your sincere bloggy help to spread the word!! It's.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lamp Love Love Love Love! Before and After

$4.00 a steal
at the thrift store!

It's large, it shapely, it works!

I gave it a bath, and then primed it with rust-o-leum white spray paint. Then finished it off with rust-o-leum Eden.


Fabric for pillows- indoor, outdoor fabric from Joann's

Love the shape, the size, the color!

I dusted the shade, primed it with rust-o-leum white spray paint, used my sandblock to smooth it nice,
and then finished it off with rust-o-leum flat white!
seriously didn't know I could spray a lamp shade, but you can!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Spot Light on Abby! Before and After Dresser!

Meet Abby and her hubby Nate!

When I was a Relief Society Advisor for a Singles Ward, I met a lot of darling, dynamic girls.  I fell in Love with Abby and her sister Ali.  They both played basketball for Weber State University and oh my are they both so stinkin CUTE!  and fun and funny and stylish!  It has been fun to watch both of them fall in Love, get married and both going to have babies! What?  Things are moving fast here.  Both Abby and Ali have tried their hand at painting furniture.  Today I want to show you Abby's latest and greatest REDO!

FREE dresser:  BEFORE

AFTER!!!! doesn't surprise me it is yellow.  Abby had yellow at her wedding reception and Oh so cute!
love it Abby and you too!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

White Dresser! Before and After

Is it Shabby Chic or Vintage? What ever it is, it is GORGEOUS!


This is an old Drexell dresser.  It has dove tailed drawers and it is HEAVY!

It was painted a gorgeous white and distressed perfectly. Then I gave it a coat of  poly for protection.  I kept the original hardware and painted it white too.  It was missing one knob, so I used 3 glass knobs to dress it up.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holy Bucket of rust! Before and after Twin hot pink iron bed

Holy Bucket of Rust!
I bought this bed for a song, but I wasn't singing for long.
It was rusted so bad, and it took a lot of love and elbow grease to make it look nice
I fell in Love with it and it is my baby!

It is metal and iron and so cool! 

The headboard

The foot board

the rails I wish all the new beds were made this way. You can see the rust.

For fun, a nightstand


during, I always turn things upside down. Ready for the AFTER!


The bed

The cool bed frame

Smooth and sleek after blood sweat and tears!

I love the lines of this nightstand

another angle, because it's so cute!

Both the bed and the nightstand were painted with
Krylon Watermelon pink and glazed with Valspar antiquing glaze - Asphaltum which is black.

one more, just because

and, of course a chicken wire memo board to match!

Taking applications for a good home!
If interested email me!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to Life - A Lamp and Me!

 Hi there!  I am happy to be alive!  Food poisoning is for the birds, actually I wouldn't wish it on them either. I have never been so sick, wait, I forgot about when I was pregnant. . .!  I threw up every where, every place, all hours of the day. One of the many funny stories of my was going to a good friends wedding, after the ceremony on the way to the Luncheon, I wasn't feeling so well.  We were stuck in city traffic and couldn't pull over.  I took off my slip, yes I did, and threw up in it.  We pulled into a random Holiday Inn parking lot, so I could throw it away.  Someone knocks on my window. WHAT? A friend of both mine and my husband was taking the CPA test and had stayed in that hotel the night before, and he happened to see us pull in! What's the chances?  I wasn't to friendly that day!

Another - skip to the lamp if you don't want any more throw up stories!  We went to dinner with some friends to the best restaurant ever - Maddox.  Not feeling so well on the ride home, I said pull over.  It's pretty rural between the restaurant and our house, so there was Lot's of places to pull over.  Not wanting passing cars, or for my friends to see me, or hear me, I jumped a fence, went a little way down the hill and threw up a few times.  I sat for a minute and wiped off my face and turned around  and saw a very young couple, maybe 14 or 15.  They were sitting on an old jeep seat, probably making out.  I said sorry, climbed the fence, got in the car and went home!

One more - We lived in a Mortuary for 3 yrs. when we were first married and students.  One of our responsibilities was to wash the Hearse and the Limo on Saturdays. I was driving from one Mortuary to another, they owned 2, and was stopped by a train.  It was July and hot.  I was the first one at the train.  The motion, the heat, I was sick!  I didn't think it would look good to all the cars stopped behind me to see someone poke their head out of a hearse and throw up, so to save the Mortuary's reputation, I took one for the team.  I looked around for some thing to throw up in, I didn't have a purse,on another sick adventure I had already thrown up in it and chucked it.  I did what every self respecting pregnant women would do, I picked up my big prego shirt and threw up in it!  I drove to the Mortuary where another couple friend of ours were dwellers, borrowed a shirt from my friend who was also pregnant and threw my shirt away!

OK, enough of one crazy thing on to the next crazy thing!

I found this $5.00 light at the Thrift store and wanted to experiment.  I think it was a good, fun experiment. You should try this at home!

A little glamorous!

Taped it up good and tight,

and used my new favorite spray paint color, Lagoon.

Urban outfitters looking to me!  Now, to find the perfect shade. . .

I might as well spray a frame and make yet another memo board, while I have the Lagoon can of paint out!

So happy to be Healthy again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thrifting! Candy dish

My latest and greatest finds at the Thrift store.
I knew what I was looking for,
I had an idea in mind!
I have seen other talented creative bloggers doing this!
since I am a copy cat,
I copied!
please feel free to copy me!!!!!!

2 plates, 2 candle holders plus another 3.

I took the 2 plates,

They were $1.00 each

Then I took the 2 candle holders, they were also $1.00 each.

See where I am going with this. . .

I primed them with Valspar spray gray primer

Then I finished them off with rust-oleum Lagoon from Home Depot!
Easy Peasy, cheap and Adorable!
I know Christmas is a few months away, but it is spray paint weather now!
A cute Christmas dish with homemade candy for neighbors!
Just thinking out loud!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I have a friend who doesn't understand what I do - paint furniture. . .
She thinks it is awesome, but would never ever do it.

Having said that, she has given me, yes given me, some of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Her sweet Mother- in-law passed away and  they waited for awhile and then decided to clean her house out. She called and said come and get it, it is going to the D.I. thrift store.  She felt better about given it to me than just donating it. Bless her heart, I wanted to make her proud.

The China Hutch is so heavy, and I am so happy it was in two pieces.

Before:  love it so much, I want to eat it!

Before: The top, a sneak peak of the cool embellishments.

Oh, the bottom has a cool drawer.

Ready for the top. . .

So I think I died, and went to Heaven with this china Hutch!

I am not sure if you can see this picture very well, but the back of the China Hutch had this gorgeous design.  I would have liked to keep it, but it had too many imperfections, so I kissed it goodbye.

it is heavy, old, well made and sturdy.  It has great bones!

Love it!  It was missing the shelves, but I wasn't too worried.

I went to home depot, they know me by name now, bought a pine board.

Used my saw, my best friend - I love the smell of fresh cut wood, so I could saw all day!

Easy fix!   To finish this Hutch, I cleaned it really good with soap and water.
Brushed it off with a dry paint brush and used a tack cloth to make sure there was no dust! I brushed on KILZ water base primer on part of it, and sprayed primer into the hard to get spots.  I used a sand block to make it smooth and remove over spray and globs I might have  made.  Then I sprayed it with Rust-oleum white semi gloss paint.  I gave it a couple of coats. I used spray paint just to save some time. I then brushed on minwax Poly!

From old to new!

The shelves look good!

The knobs are gorgeous.  I spray primed them and then used a metallic silver spray.


Slightly distressed to perfection

One more look,
can you tell I like this piece. . . .
How cute would it be in a little girls room,
so many possibilities!

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