Friday, December 14, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friend Christmas gifts that don't break the bank!

I love Christmas and the feeling that comes with it.

I want to give and help and share and not break the bank. 

I started these wash cloths in Sept. here.  Ya, you thought I was starting early right?

I started last December, the day after Christmas! I went shopping and found these adorable dish towels.

I loved all the colors in this dish towel and I loved the price - $1.00!

Awe - so many fun colors!

I can not mass produce very well. With all the colors in the dish towel, I could try all different colors of yarn for my first crochet project and not get bored.

I am so glad I started early, or I would never had finished them,
and Ohh, Awe, they are so cute!

I was happy, I had ordered this colored twine.
I wasn't sure what I needed it for, but I knew I
needed it.

What is a dish towel, dish cloth without some Christmas soap from Bath and Body works?

My Christmas friend gift that cost:

dish towel - $1.00
dish cloth - $1.50
hand soap - $2.50

7 have been delivered, and if I don't get out there today, I will have Christmas presents for next year!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Push Pin Board

I am into very Large Frames and doing fun things with them.
After making a chalkboard out of a Large Frame, I wanted to do something different.

It is a push pin board!

I had bought some Chevron Fabric from my daughter Erin, and thought I better put it to use before it is out of style!

The Chevron Fabric is the perfect blue and the white is more of a linen white, so I painted the frame with a paint called Rice Cake by Color Place found at Walmart. (Erin's sister-in-law Michele told me about this color along time ago)  It was perfect for this project.

I used foam board bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon and Scotch adhesive found at Walmart.

It is very large and in charge - It is a show stopper!

I googled images of push pin boards and this was my favorite - I know I am a copier!

Found here: Vintage Finds

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chalkboard Love! Thrift store Frame revamped to Turquoise Chalkboard!

Every room needs a chalkboard!
The Kitchen
The Entry way
The Laundry room
The Bedroom
The Bathroom
Even the Side Door needs one to welcome guests

This very large chalkboard is painted in my favorite Turquoise
Cozumel, then antiqued with minwax Early American stain.

It started out looking like this!  A Thrift store Frame.

I primed first with spray gray primer, then used 3 coats of chalk board paint - allowing time in between to dry.

I scuffed it up a bit with sand paper, then applied the stain.

Yes, every room needs a chalkboard. So while I had the chalkboard paint out, I made 3 more!

These 3 chalkboards are Home Interior pictures. I remember when I was first married and poor as a church mouse, I wanted these pictures so bad. (what was I thinking) I was invited to home parties and had to pass on the picture buying - we were both in school! All these years later, I want them so bad in a different way - For the Frames!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not for the faint of heart~black wire/metal chairs with yellow chevron, paired with a white table

Chair Love!
I have had a collection of chairs for a while, and they were screaming for an update!
I love these old wire/metal chairs with vinyl seats, and knew they could be so cute. But
these chairs were trashed and I knew they would be a little bit of work,
and they were.

You gotta love the design.

My heart goes pitter patter just looking at them~you think I have a problem~

Now, I know you think the table should be black. . .
It's not!

It's white,
glossy white.

It's solid wood and heavy, even though it's small.  I love to take these old things, and give them shiny new paint!

The Table and chairs are HAPPY, and so am I - They're done! Yeah!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Antique Gossip/telephone Bench

Telephone Bench
Gossip Bench. . .

We have come along way baby.


These old benches are getting some fabulous makeovers!  Since I am loving aqua, this bench is of course - AQUA!

I primed it white first, then painted it aqua.  Distressed it just a little to let the white peek through, then put a gloss poly on it to finish it off.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Painted Pumpkins

It's that time of year~pick the pumpkins~from the garden!

So many pumpkins

We plant them so we can give them to the Grandkids but  we always have plenty to spare to PAINT or carve.


I love Fall time, and especially Halloween! I have been searching for some fun ideas for the pumpkins, and here a few pictures of the gazillion ideas!

Country Living

missoni pumpkin



Country Living

pumpkin patterns

A story Book Life

If time permits, I will be painting pumpkins.  If not, mine will look like this! Ha Ha!