Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage chalk board: Before & After

I have been a busy girl, my hubby went on a back packing fishing trip, so I had me a party! 
A spray painting party and the guests were

I have a craft room in progress, key word progress.
It was a nursery all summer - for baby Cash, and he is coming again for a week - Can you hear me shout for JOY!

Here is the Before:
minus the mirror

I used Valspar chalkboard paint on the mirror.

and I have seen this all over pinterest - An elastic rubber band around your can. Wiping the brush against the side of the can to remove extra paint is sloppy!

So when you stick your paint brush in, you wipe it against the elastic  rubber band instead of the side of the can. I wanted to see if it worked.  It works!!!

I primed the mirror with a spray primer, then gave it 3 good coats
of the chalk board paint.  Giving it time to dry in between.


It took me a while because I was distracted by the obituaries.

I skipped showing you the spray painting of the frame, but this is what I did.  I cleaned it really good. If you don't get the dirt and grime off, the spray paint will crackle.  I primed it, used a tack cloth to wipe it off.  Then I gave it a couple of coats of Krylon Bauhaus Gold.

Nice and glossy!

I love these old mirrors and they are hard to find.

It has found a permanent home in my craft room - I am making progress!

Happy Monday!

I thought you might enjoy a few mirrors I found on Etsy!
I am thinking I did good with my $5.00 thrift store mirror after seeing what they cost here. . .

Any Color or Orange-Tres Chic 'RaRe' '2 in 1' Baroque Ornate Vintage Frame Wall Mirror & Chalkboard-Magnetic Chalk Board-Wedding-Reception

U Choose Color/Finish-Tres Chic Ornate Vintage Frame Chalkboard & Vintage Wall Mirror-Wedding-Reception-Nursery-Bathroom-Kitchen-Home Decor

Lick the Frosting - Tres Chic Large Ornate Vintage Framed Magnetic Chalkboard or Wall Mirror - Pink or Choose Color-Wedding-Reception

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